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Rely on Our Knowledgeable and Honest Services

Are you planning to set up an entertainment center in your commercial space? Create a funky and ambient entertainment center with our support. Classic Designs LLC is dedicated to giving excellent construction, repair, and contracting services.

Located in Gulfport, MS, we follow a competitive pricing strategy. Family owned and operated, we give knowledgeable and honest services. Trust us to build your ideas in a unique way!

Cabinets for your commercial space

Add custom-made cabinets to your property for business and commercial use. Our skilled staff will build cabinets according to your specific requirements.


Whether you want to order them or have them custom built, our crew will go the extra mile to get the job done right the first time.

Enjoy our warranties and labor

Enlist our services and receive a 1-year warranty on our labor. At Classic Designs LLC we give factory and manufacturer’s warranty on our materials.


We have been serving Gulfport, MS, with quality workmanship for over 35 years.

Contact us for more details: 228-864-5194.

Build an Ambient Entertainment Center with Our Assistance